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Searching For That Jumper That Lasts

 Jumpers :


Jumpers just like mobile phones have come a long way from what they traditionally looked like. In the past, the jumpers were always a simple hip length, traditional, and made with cotton material. Now, they are made in all sorts of materials and all sorts of styles.  


The current climate can sometimes influence the amount you are willing to pay for a new Trendy Jumper. It can be tempting to economise on your wardrobe staple new jumper. Yet long after cheap synthetics have been consigned to the recycling bin, a good quality jumper will remain as a treasured favourite year after year.


Jumpers may seem like a simple day to day garment that serves a simple purpose to be layered over clothes or as a standalone knitted dress if the hem is ribbed, snug-fitting and long enough. Jumpers in the UK are extremely important due to the cold, wet and wintery weather. Here in the UK, we experience almost 360 days a year of cold winter days.


When choosing a jumper, the first thing that you must consider is the material/composition the jumper is made from. Traditionally jumpers were made out of wool, but there are a few different types of material that come into play in the 21st Century. Such as synthetic fibres as well as cotton and acrylic in some cases a combination of all three. We always ensure we choose the best high-grade synthetic fibres that are “All Skin Friendly” : No itch, no rash, no problem. The acrylic always ensures the jumper will not deface or lose its structure after every wash or wear.


The second most important factor is the style of the neckline. Are you a turtleneck or a V Neck or maybe a crew neck type of a girl? How do you intend on rocking your new Trendy Diva Jumper? as a pullover or a knitted jumper dress.


Jumpers tend to run slightly longer and have the waistline situated just around the hip length or slightly lower than that. Even the length of the sleeves vary according to the design you choose, there are some which are short-sleeved, while others are full length with chunky knitted ribbed cuffs and on the other hand even sleeveless.


There is a jumper out there for you depending on your style and your personal fashion goals, so shop carefully and know what you want before you start shopping. We at Trendy Diva have covered all desired fashion goals with the introduction of the MADE IN ENGLAND COWL NECK JUMPER DRESS, V NECK JUMPER DRESS & STRIPE JUMPER DRESS  have a look at some of our top-selling items that you will not find anywhere else on this planet. Trendy Diva jumpers are soft to the touch but exceptionally tough and durable. They have the unique ability to absorb humidity and allow the body to breathe. The fibre we use offer the wonderful warmth you would expect. They are a fantastic insulator because the natural crimp of the fibres produces insulating air spaces that retain heat close to the body. Unlike the sweaty, clammy feel associated with a majority of other fibres, the composition of Trendy Diva Jumpers actively helps to maintain a comfortable and even body temperature.


Not only are Trendy Diva Jumpers more pleasant to wear, but they also look better. The elasticity of acrylic fibres means that our jumper will mould itself to the unique form of your body, but will also retain its shaper for wash after wash if it is properly cared for.


So why not support a small business that is located in the UK and manufactures products that carry the high-quality tag MADE IN ENGLAND. Why not purchase a Trendy Diva Jumper that is MADE IN ENGLAND that features: true to size, true to quality and most importantly true to reflect your hard-earnt invested money. We understand what it feels like to throw away a jumper that looked great in the advert only to learn the jumper is not true to size and could not handle more than one wash



Your jumper will not enjoy being churned in the washing machine and it will loathe the spin programme. Hand washing is kinder and will keep a wool jumper looking good for much longer. Stubborn resistant stains are best left to the expertise of dry cleaner. If you decide to try a stain remover yourself, make sure it is suitable for use and try it out on an inconspicuous part of the jumper first.


Otherwise, use a mild detergent and always make sure the water is lukewarm, never hot. Also, never add bleach or any detergent that contains bleach. This is a fast track way to watch an item of clothing dissolve before your eyes.


After three to five minutes of soaking to allow the detergent to penetrate the fibres with just the odd gentle squeeze, the jumper can be rinsed thoroughly in cold water. Remove as much water as possible by more gentle squeezing.


The jumper is then ready to dry on a flat surface - always away from sunlight or any direct heat source. Jumpers should never be hung out to dry as the weight of the water will stretch the fibres and cause the jumper to become misshapen.


With a little, tender loving care, your Trendy Diva jumper will serve you well for a very long time. We like to believe our Jumper is a gift from nature. Wearing it will make you feel great.



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